Flying as COVID-19 lockdown is relaxing

Hi Members,

As you may have already seen in the email from the BMFA, this email suggests that flying should be possible from Wednesday 13th May.

The SMFC committee has been in contact with our landlord to ensure he has no restrictions to our attendance at Forton, he hasn't.

So, we have concluded that we can re-open Forton for flying, but we urge members to observe the following guidance:

  1.            Use Hand sanitizer at the gate or at the club house. (If available). Use of disposable gloves (if available) for who opens the gate if you are the first at the site.
  2.            Use of disposable gloves at the “sign” for opening and closing.
  3.            Use of disposable gloves for unlocking the club house and erecting the windsock.
  4.            Use of disposable gloves for installing/packing away the generator if required each flying day
  5.            Move all the chairs to the centre and the rear of the club house or into “dead plane corner” so this would free up space on the left side of the club house.
  6.            Maximum of 4 people at any one time in the club house for setting up, packing away, repairs and use of the toilet.
  7.            No sitting on chairs in the doorway of the club house.
  8.            Both doors opened to the club house to aid access and increase ventilation into the club house.
  9.            No training with new members at the moment due to distancing of 2m…
  10.            Use of using other people transmitters is strictly forbidden
  11.            Setting up on the field is normal but at least a 2m gap between each flyer and field equipment.
  12.            Remove all cups and teaspoon from the kitchen area, ask members to bring their own and to take them away each day.
  13.            Blue roll and disinfectant spray placed and all common touch areas in the club house and each member is responsible to clean down after themselves.
  14.            All blue roll to be placed in a designated bin and this to have a proper bin liner and this will be emptied each week.
  15.            Blue roll is to be used strictly for the use of cleaning down work area. NOT to be used for cleaning airframes down.
  16.            Hand sanitizer for the toilet and disinfectant spray.
  17.            If hand launches are required, disposable gloves to be worn and a 2m distance must be maintained.
  18.            No kissing and cuddling of any members

The club will try to provide Hand Sanitizer, Disposable Gloves and Blue Roll (Please don't take them)

If you cannot comply to this guidance, please don't expect to fly at Forton.

Please enjoy your flying and stay safe.




Shawbury Indoor events cancelled until May

Hi All,

I received this from the BMFA regional organiser yesterday.

Apologies for sending out another message so soon after last night’s email.

Can you let your members know that the next/last 3 Shawbury Indoor Events (until May) have been cancelled. This is due to a ‘lockdown’ by RAF staff due to the COVID-19 Virus pandemic.

They should resume again in the Autumn all being well.

The BMFA Northwest Area Events page has been updated accordingly.

I suspect more cancellations will follow in the next few days, I will keep you informed.

Please let your members know of this cancellation.

Best wishes



Martyn Kinder

BMFA NW Area Delegate and Chairman

Administrator – UK Classic Aerobatic Association

CAA exemption date extended until June 2020

Official Record Series 4
United Kingdom

Civil Aviation Authority

The latest version of this document is available in electronic format at, where you may also register for e-mail notification of amendments.
17 February 2020 Page 1 of 1

Small Unmanned Aircraft – SUA Operator Registration Requirements for Members of UK Model and Small Unmanned Aircraft Associations

  1. The Civil Aviation Authority (‘the CAA’), in exercise of its powers under article 266 of the Air Navigation Order 2016 (‘the Order’), exempts any member of a UK Model or Small Unmanned Aircraft Association listed in paragraph 2 below, from the requirements of article 94D (registration as an SUA operator) of the Order.
  2. This exemption shall only apply to a person acting as the SUA Operator of a small unmanned aircraft while also being a member of one of the following UK Model or Small Unmanned Aircraft Associations:
    1. The Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers trading as the British Model Flying Association (BMFA)
    2. The Scottish Aeromodellers’ Association (SAA)
    3. The Large Model Aircraft Association Ltd trading as the Large Model Association (LMA)
    4. FPV UK Ltd trading as FPV UK
  3. A copy of this exemption, along with a copy of the relevant association membership document must be carried by any remote pilot when making use of this exemption.
  4. This exemption supersedes Official Record Series No. 1332, which is revoked.
  5. This exemption has effect from the date it is signed until 30 June 2020, both dates inclusive, unless previously revoked.


S L O’Sullivan
for the Civil Aviation Authority
17 February 2020



'Themed' flying days

A suggestion to add a bit of interest to our flying days -
On a regular day (first or last sunday of the month, although scale day would obviously take priority) we have a 'Theme' for the day.
Themes could be -
  • Biplanes
  • Chris and Dave (Chris Foss and David Boddignton designs)
  • Delta Day (or even Diesel Delta Day, although that may narrow the field a bit)
  • Little and Large (under 20 in wingspan or over 70 in wingspan)
  • Oddballs - Ornithopters, Canards, Diesel power, Ducted Fan (as they don't fit in anywhere else), Free Flight, Control Line etc
This would encourage members to bring out those little-flown models from the attic.
Normal club flying on the day as well.
No judging, No prizes, No BBQ - and No Organisation required (other than the secretary publishing a list of dates with their associated themes).
Suggestions invited for alternative themes, and whether you think it is a worthwhile idea.
 Mike Hall