Senior / Family Senior BMFA = £33.00 SMFC = £54.00 Total = £87.00 (rising to £92.00 from Feb)

Junior BMFA = £17.00 SMFC = £0.00 Total = £17.00

Family Partner BMFA = £22.00 SMFC = £34.00 Total = £56.00

Family Junior BMFA = £13.00 SMFC = £0.00 Total = £13.00

Family membership must be just that (member, spouse & children). However, BMFA rules say that family membership can be applied to adult and child (under 18 years old) who are not parent and child, for example Grandfather and Grandson, provided that both memberships are registered at the same address on the BMFA database.You may pay Cash or Cheque (made out to S.M.F.C.) to either the Club Treasurer or the Secretary.

New comers can pay £7.00 a month instead of paying the full membership and for the first 3 occasions there BMFA insurance  will be taken care off under the clubs own cover, there in they must provide proof of BMFA insurance then either pay club subs in full or continue to pay monthly at £7.00 we do offer a system where if you join ½ way through the year you will incur only ½ year price.


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